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Do you and your partner plan to have a different winter wedding? Then we are the choice for you. Igloo Åre offers that no one else can. Beautiful setting, special environment, outstanding views, good food and drink are the building blocks for the important day.

A winter wedding can for example look like this:

- Wedding in the afternoon

- Wedding toast with champagne or hot chocolate

- 4-course dinner in the restaurant igloo

- Spa bath under a starry sky

- Overnight stay in the honeymoon suite

- Breakfast and departure to new adventures

Contact us and we will arrange everything for the best!

Greetings Katarina Lidberg Hising, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0647-300 60.


 Vinter bröllop Igloo Åre  


A wedding at the Igloo Åre can be shaped by your ideas and wishes. During the end of December and all of January it will be soon dark outside, creating a lovely setting with live fires and other lighting.

A small stall bell ringing and it is time to walk along the snow-covered lane down to the wedding location. Maybe someone play on a harmonium or organ trunk at the entrance music you have chosen.


Here you have all the possibilities to choose yourself. We have couples who married in ski clothes and ski helmet and we have couples who marry in tails and long dresses. A hot tip from us is comfortable shoes and good underwear.


Perhaps you want to have a simple wedding with just the two of you? Stay overnight, stay in the honeymoon suite and enjoy the spa. Or, do you want to bid up the guests to a fabulous view of Åre and a day where you two are in focus? We are flexible and solve everything.

We have overnight accommodation for about 20 people. If more guests than 20 people, it is good to be married on the mountain (we have the most had 70 wedding guests) After the nuptials champagne or hot chocolate is served and its time to mingle with the guests. The party can then continue at another place, preferably at a top of the cosiest hotels, Buustamons Fjällgård.


 Vinter bröllop på Åreskutan


Vinter bröllop, Fotograf Anna Öhlund


You decide the dates. We arrange wedding location, decorations, witnesses, wedding officiant, a delacacy plate and something to toast in. 


Book a night in an igloo and finish the best day of your life, with an overnight stay extraordinary. A romantic and extra large igloo for two. Tastefully decorated. Snow art, subtle lighting, bed built of snow and ice and warm sleeping bags means that your sleep will be peaceful and safe. 

We serve a 5-course dinner in the main restaurant igloo. The price includes wedding location, decorations, witnesses, wedding officiant, overnight stay for two people, delacacy plate with sparkling wine, 5-course dinner and breakfast Jämtlandic. In all overnight stays includes loaning polar sleeping bag and bed sheets. Contact Katarina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

 Vinter bröllop Spabad Åreskutan


Vinter bröllop Åreskutan Igloo Åre


Vinter bröllop Åreskutan Igloo Åre


information igloo ÅreBooking ANd information


Contact us for more information or booking: info@iglooare.com eller phone +46 647-300 60.

Here you can read more and see our rates and book through our Onlinebooking >>

iglooHow to build igloo Åre?

Igloo Åre is built of natural snow that is built up again every year. Therefore, it will never look the same from year to year. Igloo Åre takes about 3000 hours to build and work is started as soon as Mother Nature to release sufficient amounts of snow.


temperature iglooWhat temperature should I set myself in?

Snow has normally a temperature of about 0 to minus a few degrees. The snow is a good insulator against any temperature fluctuations, which means that the temperature inside the igloo rarely change significantly. When it is full with guests and everyone eats hot food the temperature may rise slightly but is soon back down to normal.


paymentHOW TO PAY?

All reservations are made in advance via internet or telephone. Payment is made in advance. For that which is bought on the spot, drinks , souvenirs etc. paid preferably with credit card.